Ganler sat on his mount, too awed to speak, his mind awhirl in confused thoughts. He had been riding hard for three days, and had passed the boundaries of the Forbidden Lands yesterday. Now, he beheld part of the reason why the boundary had been erected. Before him, across the dry and barren desert floor, stood a large standing rock formation. This was not unusual in and of itself, but the gigantic, clearly artificial structure that was partially exposed within the rock was horrifying in its implications.


Three large cylinders of what appeared to be a metal rose skyward, the center one larger than those on the sides, and all three narrow to a blunt point at the top, near the clouds. In front of these, lie the exposed forward portion of a gigantic machine with wings like a bird, and small widows that Ganler could just make out near the top. Along the sides of this machine he could see the words “U.S.S. Atlantis” and a faded depiction of the demonic emblem of the mythic civilization that the scholars still debated. He could make out the stars and a few of the red and white stripes that the ancient ones worshiped.


This proved that the myths were true! With fear, he turned his mount and spurred it onward, back toward home.

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