Ode to a Soldier’s Wife
a ravenelle royale in trochaic octameter

I can see your tears are streaming,

in the lamp light they are gleaming.
How I wish that I were dreaming

     and that duty hadn’t called.
Through the wretched bars we’re kissing

as the steam train begins hissing,
And of all the things worth missing

     I shall miss you most of all.
Although I am on a mission,

moonlight on us both will glisten.
In the night, just sit and listen;

     love I’ll send straight to your hall
     In the night bird’s

lonely call.

Please have faith and keep on praying

in God’s grace we’ll both be staying.
All the soldiers here are saying

     that the end of war is near.
Though in truth, it would be lying

if I said I weren’t crying,
In my heart I shall be trying

     not to give in to my fear.
Your sweet smile I’ll keep adoring

in my mind. Though it be pouring
know my spirit will be soaring

     far above my mortal tears
     ‘til your voice,

again I hear.

As I turn, already yearning,

there’s a truth that I am learning.
Loneliness commences burning

     deep within my broken heart.
Now the captain’s voice is urging

and the engine begins surging.
Frosty air and steam are merging

     as my eyes rapidly dart
Toward the gate where she is clinging.

The conductor’s bell is ringing
and the soldiers take up singing.

     Now the train slowly departs
     as my soul is

torn apart.

(c) 2016 - dustygrein