The Sleeping Giant


10-year-old psychic twins Danny & Becca Brock must somehow save their family from impending doom...

Mount Rainier had stood like a towering dormant sentinel, watching over the Puget Sound area for millennia. Then, on a clear September morning, something deep inside the heart of the sleeping volcano shifted.

For the Brock family, and the millions of residents who lived in the mountain’s shadow, life was about to change forever, and the unimaginable was about to occur... the giant was waking up.

The Reviews

"This was a very good book that built up to an explosive climax . The characters were developed and the plot moved at a rapid pace ... I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to others."

- 5 stars - A very good book

January 21, 2016 : Kindle Edition


"... As the story unfolded, the characters became alive and the excitement built until the very end. I will keep this book to reread again and again."

- 5 stars - Excellent reading
January 8, 2016 : Kindle Edition


"`A worthy tale of danger and love with a little supernatural twist just to keep things interesting.You wont regret reading it!"

- 4 stars - Good read

December 16, 2015 : Kindle Edition


"I became a character within the story...  if you read one book this year make it this one...  You won't be disappointed."

- 5 stars - Take the chance!

September 10, 2015 : Kindle Edition


"This is a good read ... Needs a part 2."

- 3 stars - Good but not quite a fully developed story

July 20, 2015 : Kindle Edition


"Everything is just right with this book. The characters are fully developed, so the reader cares for what happens to them... It is nice to read a book that is both entertaining, and educational without being pedantic..."

- 5 stars - Just a great book

May 25, 2015 : Kindle Edition


One of my favorite scenes from the book.